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For us CrossFit means many things; resiliency, persistent, adaptive, and vulnerable. Just a few things we believe all individuals should approach their fitness journey. Being strong mentally, emotionally, and physically, allows for positive change and willing to take that personal forward step. We want to give everyone and anyone an equal opportunity to surprise themselves of things that seem impossible, but with proper guidance and patience, the “possible” is just a door open away.

A water bear characteristics is what we want to adopt as we approach new and unknown obstacles. A water bear is the most adaptable and versatile animal in the world. We want our space to be for everyone. We want people to know that no matter where we are in life we belong. Trust yourself and trust your journey, and your goals can and will be accomplished.

Fitness programs may not be one size fits all, but exercising is. We teach the correct guidance for movement progressions, individual specific adjustments, and provide a supporting community. From the moment you step through our doors we’ll make sure your program reaches your goals. Learn the Water Bear method and come join us to acquire the tools to prepare for any of life’s moments that come your way.

Experience the best CrossFit in Frisco and take the first step towards a stronger, more resilient you.

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